Multi-Telescope Private Observatory, Florida

PlaneWave CDK20 Telescope, ASA DDM-160 Mount, Ash 14.5' Dome

Project Details

The observatory will be part of new home construction. The observatory will consist of a 14.5' Ash dome, new ASA DDM-160 mount and PlaneWave CDK20 telescope, with existing Celestron C14, TEC 160, Stellarvue 105 and Lunt 85 telescopes. The ASA DDM 160 mount was selected for its ability to carry up to 300 kg (661 lb.).

The pier design allows all telescopes to rotate without a meridian flip. Observatory Solutions provided ASA with the model show above so that they could calculate the details of the pier. The plan is to mount the telescopes on a customized PlaneWave tandem bar. The observatory will have a glass floor so that the owner and guests can see the setup from inside the house.

Dome and mount installation was in December, 2016. Final observatory setup is expected in the Fall of 2017.