Western Australia Observatory

Roll-Off Roof Observatory in Western Australia for ExoAnalytic. Design and construction supervision by Observatory Solutions.

ExoAnalytic Solutions - Space Situational Awareness

ExoAnalytic Solutions is a world leader in optical space object detection, tracking, and characterization. Observatory Solutions has been working with ExoAnalytic on observatory design and onsite project management for observatories around the world.

For more informations visit: http://http://www.exoanalytic.com

Project Details

In this installation, Observatory Solutions provided the roll-off roof design, building materials list and onsite project management for the ExoAnalytic installation in South Africa.

The observatory is 2.7 meters by 3.7 meters and uses a garage door opener for roof motorization. The observatory construction is wood frame with fiber cement boards for siding.

Multiple instruments capture image data when the weather permits. The observatory is controlled from Southern California in the US.

Completed roll-off roof observatory in Australia. Design by Observatory Solutions.