1-Meter Private Observatory, Utah

PlaneWave 1-Meter Telescope, Ash 24.5' Dome

Project Details

The observatory will be part of new home construction that started in 2016. The observatory will consist of a 24.5' Ash dome and a PlaneWave 1-meter telescope. The 1-meter telescope has been ordered and Observatory Solutions is currently working with the customer on the observatory design, additional equipment needs, observatory software and automation system.

PlaneWave has finished the initial assembly of the first 1-meter telescope. The telescope is going through testing and fine tuning of components. The mirror light weighting process is complete and the mirror is going through final polishing. During the light weighting process, the mirror went from a 350 lb blank to 125 lb. Observatory Solution was at the PlaneWave office in August 2016 check out the 1-meter telescope and a video of the telescope slewing is on the right.

The observatory installation is scheduled for Fall 2017.

PlaneWave 1-Meter Telescope and Ash 24.5' Dome