Pier-Tech Dome Sub-Building

Pier-Tech Dome Sub-Building

Pier-Tech Dome Sub-Building

Pier-Tech Sub-Buildings, along with the Add-On Dome Observatory, are manufactured in the USA. Each dome observatory is completely assembled at the factory with the options ordered and thoroughly tested. Then the dome is disassembled and made ready for shipment.

The Pier-Tech cylindrical walk-in sub-building serves as a base for the Pier-Tech Add-On dome. It is constructed with an all aluminum sub-frame and covered with the same material used for the dome skin. This renders a more esthetically pleasing look of the dome and sub-building. The sub-building is available for Add-On domes in the 8' (2.4 meters) to 18' 6" (5.6 meters) range and come in 6' (1.82 meters), 7' (2.13 meters), 8' (2.43 meters), 9' (2.74 meters) and 10' (3.04 meters) heights. Custom heights are also available.

Starting at $7,000
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Specifications vary based on the dome and options chosen. Call for additional details.

Options (for Pier-Tech domes)

Dome Automation: Dome observatory control system which enables the user to control the dome's azimuth rotation, upper and lower shutter open and close functions.

Contactor Bars: Contactor bars which provide continuous power to the upper shutter motor, lower shutter and electronics mounted on the rotating dome.

Lower Shutter Automation: Automated lower shutter drive system is powered by and electric actuator and mechanical link. This system opens and closes the lower door for dome automation purposes.