Wilmington College Observatory, Ohio

10' Pro-Dome, Meade 16 Telescope, SBIG Camera, Optec Pyxis LE

Project Details

The Technical Innovation 10' Pro-Dome was installed by a construction company doing work for Wilmington College. The college contracted Observatory Solution to review the dome installation, install the Meade 16" telescope, acquire and install an observatory CCD camera and setup the observatory for remote operation.

Observatory Solutions made several corrections to the dome installation. After installing the Meade 16" telescope, testing revealed that the telescope would contact the dome in certain positions, so the telescope was removed, the pier shortened by 6" and the telescope reinstalled.

For the camera setup, we paired a SBIG STF-8300C with an Optec Pyxis LE rotator. Since the telescope is an Alt-Az setup, the Pyxis LE will provide field de-rotation for long term astrophotography. A webcam was mounted inside the observatory to provide full unobstructed views of telescope and dome operations from the classroom.

A computer inside the observatory controls dome and telescope operations. Observatory Solutions setup the computer and installed ASCOM, Digital Dome Works, Optec rotator and Alt-Az de-rotator server software, SBIG camera drivers and TheSkyX. The observatory will be controlled from a classroom through a remote connection to the observatory computer.

10' Pro-Dome, Meade 16 Telescope, SBIG Camera, Optec Pyxis LE